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Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's Superbowl Sunday

And so far, it seems like any other Sunday if you are a quiltmaker's cat. I've dished out their breakfast, had my first cup of coffee and read the mail and the newspaper. While millions will sit at home glued to their television screens, the quiltmaker's cats will have a different sort of Superbowl Sunday. No parties, no noise coming from the tv, no deli platters to steal cold cuts from (I can almost hear Tito's sighs, he's a born urchin-stealing-pedigreed-sort of cat).

One thing is for sure, the quiltmaker's cats know that there will be some stitching happening today. I'm torn between quilting some on Paula's little doll quilt or piecing a Nearly Insane block. Who will win? Paula's little quilt has turned into one of the smallest nightmares I've ever made. It's been a project in the works for the last two + years. I have to finish it, else she'll be too old to play with dolls. I put borders on it, got the last bit of the appliqué sewn, basted it, started to quilt it and realized that I should have taken the time to grade the seams. The blocks are small, the quilting is painful because of all the seam allowances. I am finding excuses to put it in the backburner again. Finishing it will be the battle of must vs. I'd rather be.

Es el domingo del Superbowl. Y de momento parece cualquier otro domingo si eres un gato de una quilter. Les he dado el desayuno, me he tomado mi primera taza de café, he leido el correo y el periódico. Mientras millones se sentarán delante de la tele en sus casas, los gatos de la quilter tendrán un domingo diferente. Ni fiestas, ni ruido de la tele, ni platos de embutido de los que puedan robar (casi puedo oir a Tito quejándose, es un pícaro-ladrón-de pedigrí).

Una cosa es segura: los gatos de la quilter ya saben que va a haber costura hoy. Estoy sin decidirme ent


Blogger Nueiver said...

I think, I'm the first making a comment of your blog
Y no sigo en inglés ó...... me lio
Solo decirte que.... ¡¡¡Enhorabuena, felicidades!!!
Te seguiré.... aunque tenga que aprender inglés a marchas forzadas.
Isabel (aguja)
PD: aprovecha el domingo, que aquí ya se nos está acabando...

Otro PD: He tenido que hacerme un blog para poder contestarte!!!!
¡¡En buen lio me has metido!!!

10:32 AM  
Blogger violetazul said...

Hello quiltmaker's cats!!!
My English is poor, but I try to improve it and you are going to be the help i need ;)
I hope your sunday will be more good than mine's, I haven't done anything of what I should have to. At least, I made a banana bread (for tomorrow breakfast) and spent some time with my personal UFO (the hunter star quilt).. However.. Have a nice sunday. I'm happy that finally you have a blog. Say hi to Tito and the other cats.

12:01 PM  
Blogger alaskancatlady said...

Well congrats , maybe I'll venture into blog world too. My Sunday will be spent at work at the store , for the last time ...Yeah!
Have a good one and hug those furry humans for me . Auntie eliz

12:36 PM  

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