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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Pictures From Yesterday

Ok, here is the progress: Mariners' Compass with two corners and the first row of triangles (not sewn to the body of the quilt yet).
And here is Phoebe also in deep thought, enjoying herself on the new ironing board with the old cover. By the way, after hanging it outside to dry in the bright mid-day sun, most of the stains faded to almost white. Some old tricks work extremely well, and that one does work wonders!


Blogger violetazul said...

Qué pasada!!!
Te está quedanto muy chulo!!!!
Me parece que avanzas más que yo con mi bernina, que entre que la enhebro y me dispongo a coser pasan horas!
Phoebe tiene una cara de borrachera de sueño que pa'qué!!!

4:20 AM  

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